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Model "F" Herrinbone
Custom Lage Soundhole, Jacaranda body
Serial No.0462
John Greven 1983
The F Herringbone Model
Visually the F is an expanded 000 model in shape, but with a full 16 inch wide body. The wider, deeper body makes for a more Dreadnought-like sound, but with better bass to treble balance. Tremendously powerful, it is suited to both fingerpicking and flatpicking playing styles.
Herringbone Deluxe Models are more elaborate than the Herringbones. Their appointments include headstock and fingerboard bound to match the body bindings, more complex inlays, and an abalone rosette along with the Herringbone top trim and gold tuners. This instrument has the "bird" inlay pattern with an eagle under my pearl banner on the headstock.
John Greven, luthier